We have more fixes and improvements for you this week:
Bug fixes
  • The previously over-eager logged out toast will now only show after successfully signing out.
  • We now use the XState logo for built-in actions to distinguish them from custom actions:
State with built-in XState entry actions, including assign, raise, log, send, and stop. These all have a corresponding XState X icon. The custom action has a lightning icon.
  • We’ve labeled the Export to Mermaid option as “Beta” as we continuously improve this feature.
  • When a user shares a direct team link with another user who has been invited to the team but has yet to accept the invitation, we will now redirect that recipient to their team invitation page, where they can accept or decline the invitation.
  • After a user has created a new machine, the editor will always switch back to Design mode, even if the user was previously in Simulation mode.
  • We’ve improved the page titles so that browser tab text is easier to read and understand.
  • A melange of internal fixes and improvements.