This week’s headlines are that annotations now support markdown, and we’ve made many performance improvements…
Markdown is now supported in annotations! Previously you could only use plain text in your annotations; now, you can use markdown, like in descriptions.
Markdown being entered into an annotation, and that same annotation with bold text, italic text, a link, and a cute goldfish image.
Create an annotation by right-clicking anywhere on the canvas.
Bug fixes
  • Simulation mode has been fixed for embedded machines.
  • You now only need to press the back button once to return to the Projects list from the editor.
  • Share image URLs were quickly fixed after being broken by a previous release.
  • Renamed machines can now be filtered by their new names when filtered in the machines list.
  • Initial states are now correctly assigned when copying and pasting states.
  • The keyboard shortcuts button in the help drawer is now fixed.
  • The Give Feedback button in the help drawer is now easier to click.
  • We have spent some time improving the performance of the canvas and UI, and your large machines should now be much smoother. Please let us know if you have any machines which need more attention!
  • You can now rename your project by double-clicking its name in the editor’s breadcrumb.
  • Old context values with type array or object are now migrated correctly. Arrays and objects in the old machine context structure were stored as strings, and now when the user opens their machines, they’re correctly converted to JavaScript arrays and objects, respectively.
  • The starter machine description is now an annotation, making it easier to delete all the states and transitions inside a starter machine if you want a fresh start.
  • The left panel width is now persisted when you reload the page.
  • Custom actions are now correctly handled in
    Import Code
    ; top-level action parameters are moved inside the
    object, and
    now appears before
    in exported code.
  • The following machine options are no longer included in exported code: Do not include these in machine options in the exported code: actions with expression
    , actors with expression
    , guards with expression names, and delays with expression values.
  • A motley collection of internal fixes and improvements.