You can now choose to export state and event descriptions and meta fields with your exported code.
Stately code panel with show descriptions and show meta toggles enabled.
Find the
Show descriptions
Show meta
toggles in the Code panel.
Bug fixes
  • Guarded eventless (always) transitions will now work as expected in Simulation mode.
  • We fixed a bug where the layout would sometimes shift in the Version History panel if there were many versions in the list and the user clicked to view one of those versions.
  • You are now able to copy the selected text inside the editor again.
  • Deleting meta values will no longer affect other meta entries.
  • In read-only mode, selected states and events are now highlighted green rather than blue.
  • We changed the wording on the new version banner to reassure users their changes have been saved locally, and they’re safe to refresh the page.
  • A host of internal fixes and improvements working towards exciting future features!