Our new Learn Stately guidance got its own changelog this week, but there’s more that’s new to Stately:
Bug fixes
  • Transition handles now always appear over warning and danger icons rather than being hidden behind them.
  • Annotations are no longer editable in view-only mode.
  • The icon used for keyboard shortcuts now renders better in light mode.
  • Multiline descriptions no longer break exporting to code.
  • We fixed a brief bug where saving new machines to existing projects would fail.
You can now reorder guarded transitions by moving them up or down in order.
Right-clicking the second guarded transition and selecting reorder guard, then move up.
And the options to add a guard and add a transition to an existing transition have been split into two distinct actions in the
The plus icon menu for a transition, showing the options to add a Guard, Transition, Action, or Description.
  • Personal projects are now private by default for our Pro subscribers.
  • We no longer show a warning to Safari users as the editor is working well in Safari!
  • A miscellany of internal fixes and improvements.