Users should be able to open machines from the VS Code extension to the Stately Editor in the browser.
This would do a couple things:
  • Prompt the user to set up GitHub sync if it is not already set up
  • Once GitHub sync is setup, the extension will open an external browser to the linked machine
  • This synced machine will be unlisted by default and shareable via link
  • The synced machine will only be synced with the latest pushed version of the machine; not the machine being edited in the extension (at least not right now - live collaboration can enable this in the future)
So yeah as a full on beginner to xstate, it is probably easier for a lot of people to start with the visual side of things.
That is definitely the case for me, so I start in vs code and just add states, events etc via the builder.
using the vscode extension is good as it writes the syntax for you at the same time, so I guess what I am asking is if there could then be a button that opens in browser with code and diagram already pre-populated.
This would be super useful for then saving in stately and sharing with others.